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How can you get federal grants?

My husband and I applied for grants to start a horse sanctuary but know one seems to be giving them out for horses. Does anyone know whom might? Thank you, Kim === ANS (MORE)
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How to get a grant?

United States of America National Government Grants    Nowadays, people are finding them selves in need of additional  funds for one reason or another. Some for the si (MORE)

What if she takes you for granted?

SHE CAN ONLY TAKE YOU FOR GRANTED IF YOU LET HER ,    This is up to you. How much longer do you plan on being a door mat. If she loved you and has respect for you and your (MORE)

Who is Donald McGannon?

Donald McGannon was president and chairman of the board of Westinghouse Broadcasting Corporation and served from 1973-1978 as president of the National Urban League. He gradua (MORE)

What is a grant?

A grant is something you can get for a multitude of things an  example being that you could get a grant for your school for new  supplies or better ones. The time it takes t (MORE)
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How is Donald M Kendall the creator of Pepsi an entrepreneur?

  I worked at Pepsi at the tail end of Kendall's reign. From what I know as fact it was clear that he took a company that was on-again, off-again when it came to sales and (MORE)