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What is the press release?

If you have a business or organization that needs some press or notable mention online, on the web, on radio or in print you need a Press Release! Take your store opening, cor (MORE)

Who and where are Nabu Press?

A quick search shows that Nabu Press has about 600,000 books listed on Amazon, all public domain reprints (similarly to General Books LLC, an imprint of the alleged scam publi (MORE)

Why do you have freedom of press?

That is a good question. And what is 'freedom of the press' anyway. The reason a government should affirm freedom of the press is to enable the free flow of ideas. In a democr (MORE)

What is press photography?

  Press photography is synonymous with Photojournalism, which is news photography - the telling of a news story primarily through pictures. The "press" refers to the print (MORE)

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What is free press?

  Answer   Free Press is a term to describe news reporting that is allowed to be honest & truthful; as opposed to news that is forced to twist facts or lie.

How do you press a flower?

I like to place flowers between two sheets of paper and then put a  couple heavy books on top of the papers. After a week or two the  flower should be dry and flat and you c (MORE)

What is garlic press?

A garlic press is a kitchen utensil to crush garlic cloves  efficiently by forcing them through a grid of small holes, usually  with some type of piston. Many garlic presses (MORE)