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What is a mas camp?

A Mas camp is a camp set up for masquerade costume designers,  costume assemblers, carnival costume order takers to get together a  month or two before a major carnival mard (MORE)

What is mA in electrical?

mA is the abbreviation for milliAmperes. Milli- means one-thousandth, so a milliAmpere is one-thousandth of an Ampere, or Amp for short. Amperes are the standard measure of el (MORE)

What state is MA?

1. The abbreviation for MA is Massachusetts. 2. Also the international license plate code for Morocco.
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What is mAs in radiology?

mA (millamps) x Time (seconds) = mAs mA Tube Current The second control of the output of the x-ray tube is called the mA (milliamperage) control. This control determines h (MORE)

What is the translation of mas?

Without the accent, mas is a conjunction "but". Much more commonly, it appears with an accent, más. This means "more", "plus", "most."
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What is mas?

M.A.S. is the abbreviation for Male Answer Syndrome. This is a syndrome in which the sufferer feels compelled to answer questions even when they know nothing about the subject (MORE)

Ma ma se ma ma sa ma ma coo sa what does this mean?

  It basically means. "dance!", both in words and in music...   Kelefa Sanneh explains it well in the July 6, 2009 online edition of The New Yorker: http://www.newyork (MORE)