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Who plays Mace Windu?

In the films, Samuel L. Jackson. For the voice in the Clone Wars  animated TV series, Terrence "T.C." Carson.
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Is mace legal to carry in Maryland?

Yes, chemical irritant sprays are legal to carry for purpose of  defense against human criminals and violent animals. Maryland has  no restriction on size or concentration.
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What does the mace represent in the House of Commons?

The mace represents the Queen's authority for the House of Commons to assemble and carry out its functions. Whenever the House is assembled, the mace must be on the table befo (MORE)
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Can mace blind you?

Yes! It has a highly toxic chemical in it called Argonoxide which can cause the inner retina to dry and become useless. This retina allows you to percieve crude images. Withou (MORE)
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What is ground mace?

Mace is a fine membrane that surrounds nutmeg and has a similar, although somewhat milder flavor.
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Can you smell mace after it has been sprayed?

yeah, I got a can of pepper spray and did a push of the button in the bathroom, terible stuff. It smelled infernal and if you breathed the small particles you would start coug (MORE)
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When and how does Mace Windu die?

When: In Revenge of the Sith, in Sidious's senate office. How: Anakin knocks his lightsaber out of his hand, not realizing that Sidious would kill him with Sith lighting.
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Is mace legal?

depends what mace you mean...a spice made from a dried part of the nutmeg or a liquid causing tears and nausea used as a spray for riot control. Both legal
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