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What is a mace?

1) It is a type of medieval weapon. It is like a club but with a spiked head on the end. 2) It is also a type of spice. 3) It is also used as a type of defensive spray against (MORE)

Who was Ryan mace?

Ryan was born in January . He lives in wiveliscombe and is very ginger . He is a beast in bed. Ryan was born in January . He lives in wiveliscombe and is very ginger . He is (MORE)

How do you make a mace?

1. Get a big piece of wood and stick somthing heavy on the end 2. put ten chilli's in a bucket of water and then put it in a compressed tube 3. squirt it in peoples faces/hit (MORE)

What is macing?

The most common use of the term means "to spray with Mace" (anonlethal incapacitating spray). The urban slang meaning of the term is usually "openly andseriously flirting."

The mace weapon?

The mace weapon is a shaft of wood attached to a ball of spicks. people have said that it is one of the best weapons, with one strike the person is DEAD! Hope this was what yo (MORE)

When was the mace used?

A mace is a weapon which is basically a glorified club, and although clubs are still used in hand-to-hand combat, the mace passed out of use with the demise of the mounted kni (MORE)

Who invented mace?

Kenneth Rampersad he came to Florida from Trinidad with the idea and combined pepper spray into the form of mace

What is the mace?

In parliamentary systems, a symbolic mace (originally a weapon for bludgeoning your enemies to death) is present in the parliamentary chamber. It symbolizes the need for order (MORE)
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What is a flailed mace?

a metal chain with a spiky ball on the end attached to a strong stick of wood as the handle. This weapon was often used in the medieval times.