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What is a mace?

1) It is a type of medieval weapon. It is like a club but with a spiked head on the end. 2) It is also a type of spice. 3) It is also used as a type of defensive spray against (MORE)
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When is the mace used?

  A mace was used in medieval times by knights and guards, it is a very powerful spiked club.

Who invented the mace?

Probably the first guy to tie a rock to a stick and hit people with  it... not really related to the middle ages, considering the weapon  is much older than that.
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What is macing?

macing is french kiss to those that don't know what is french kissing works will just move you'r mouth how your partner moves his mouth and tong

Who made the mace?

Well in 3000BC cavemen used to used rocks on string which would be considered extremely basic. If you mean metal maces then the person was called "Bacculus" who made it in the (MORE)
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Can mace blind you?

Yes! It has a highly toxic chemical in it called Argonoxide which can cause the inner retina to dry and become useless. This retina allows you to percieve crude images. Withou (MORE)

Is mace legal?

depends what mace you mean...a spice made from a dried part of the nutmeg or a liquid causing tears and nausea used as a spray for riot control. Both legal
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Who is alix mace?

Well im not sure who Alix Mace is.. but ALEX Mace is a film writer. He wrote the stroy line for the Orphan (2009) and is also the producer for the 2011 movie Red Riding Hood.
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What is bro-mace?

A bromance is a close non-romantic relationship between two  men. The word is made up from 'bro' (brother) and 'mance'  (romance).
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