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How was Philip 2 of macedon famous?

Philip II was King of the ancient Greekkingdom of Macedonia, a member of the founding Argead dynasty, thethird son of King Amyntas III, and father of Alexander the Greatand Ph (MORE)
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What did Philip 2 of macedon achieve?

Well,his original plan was to first conquer Greece.Then expand into Asia minor to conquer the Persians.He conquered most of Greece.Then before he could begin his "Asian Invasi (MORE)
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How do you get macedon in Rome Total War?

2 ways:Normall way:Finish camaings Hacking way:I don't really know but you can change the game states and play the unlockable factions and ausso the factions you can normall (MORE)
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Is Macedon in Greece?

Yes, a lot of people ask this question. It is located West East of the island Crete.
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Where was Macedon geographically?

The early Kingdom of Macedon falls exactly on top of what ismodern-day Greek Macedonia with only 4% outside of its modern Greekborders.
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Who is Hearst in Macedon NY 14502?

They are, among other things, a publishing company. Hearstpublishes magazines such as Marie Claire, Redbook and Seventeen,just to name a few. If you have recently gotten a mag (MORE)
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Is macedon short for Macedonia?

yes it is. It is used when referring to the ancient Greek kingdomof Macedonia, i.e. Phillip of Macedon.
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How did Philip of Macedon unify his civilization?

It wasn't a civilisation, it was the beginning of an empire as faras he was concerned. He began by conquering territory in Eastern Europe, putting downresistance by Greek cit (MORE)
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What does the name Macedon mean?

Macedonia was the kingdom in northern Greece which produces Philipand Alexander the Great. The Greek word means tall and slim.