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What year did macgyver begin and end?

The series MacGyver ran from 1985 until 1992. There followed two movies in 1994. In total, seven seasons were made.
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Did murdoc from macgyver ever die?

No. Murdoc fell off a mountain and down a mineshaft and crashed in a burning vehicle, and always 'came back to life'. In short, he never died.

Who is the actor macgyver?

Richard Dean Anderson (born 23 January) plays MacGyver in the 7 Season-long show MacGyver about the weaponless, science-loving, ingenious crime-fighter who planted distracti (MORE)
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What is then name of this episode of Macgyver that macgyver kills his friend by accident with a revolver?

Young MacGyver accidentally kills a friend in the episode "Blood Brothers". It is the second episode of Season 4. In the episode, Mac visits the town where he grew up, but h (MORE)

What was the TV show 'MacGyver' about?

The TV show 'MacGyver' chronicles the exploits of Angus MacGyver(Richard Dean Anderson) who is a secret agent employed by thePhoenix Foundation . He has a knack for using gimm (MORE)