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How do you use a machete?

Hold it in one hand and swing it to cut brush, grasess and light trees, as well as to harvest some crops.
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What is a machete?

A machete is a sword-like tool most commonly used for cutting largeplants with a chopping motion.
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Can you fence with a machete?

Yes, there are several West African and South American fencing techniques that allow one to fence with the machete. If you'd like to learn more, there is a series of videos on ( Full Answer )
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How long is a machete?

Usually around 60 to 70cm (about 2 feet). Any longer and it becomes impossible to use; any shorter and it isn't as efficient.
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How do you get a machete in GTASA?

there's no Machete but there's a knife.You can get it from criminals or grove st. gangstas by killing them! when they're dead you can collect that knife.
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What is the best machete?

I think it was the very latest movie by Robert Rodriguez, Ethan Maniquis both of the directors are going harder at the movie make and proving into some areas where many of the ( Full Answer )
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What were machetes used for in medieval times?

Machetes weren't used in medival times. They really didn't make an appearance until the early 1700s and derived from a cutlass. Primarily they were (and are) used as an agricu ( Full Answer )
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Is it legal to own a machete in California?

Yes, but it is illegal to carry any fixed blade knife, machete, or sword with longer than a 4 inch blade on your person. Furthermore, you can't carry automatic-opening knives, ( Full Answer )
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What is an African machete?

Here in Zulu we call it a 'panga' and it's maybe 5 centimetres or two inches wide, about a metre or three feet long with a wooden handle on one end and a rounded tip that is b ( Full Answer )
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Why is a machete not a sword?

Many reasons: A machete is not a sword because it isn't harmonically/dynamically balanced like one, is made for a different purpose, is thinner, lacks a guard and pommel, and ( Full Answer )