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What is a Machiavellian decision?

A Machiavellian decision is one that serves your best interests  without regard to how it affects others.   Generally speaking Machiavelli's ideas are deemed to be cruel (MORE)

What is a Machiavellian villain?

A Machiavellian villain is a character portrayed in literature who  is in a sense a "puppet master". He uses other "tool villains" in  order to get what he desires. A Machia (MORE)

What are Machiavellian traits?

This answer almost universally comes from Machiavelli's The Prince. Colloquially it means to rule with an iron fist, but a more complex interpretation would be that it means t (MORE)

What is the meaning of machiavellianism in organisational behaviour?

MachiavellianismMachiavellianism (Mach) refers to the degree to which an individual is practical in his approach, maintains an emotional distance from others, and believes tha (MORE)

What is the Machiavellian principal?

  The Machiavellian principle implies that moral considerations are irrelevant in affairs of state. It means the only thing that should affect a state decision is what is (MORE)

What does Machiavellian mean?

Niccolò Machiavello (1469-1527) was a figure of the Italian Renaissance. He was a capital figure in politics and in one of his books he wrote that "the end justifies the mean (MORE)

What is machiavellian personality?

Someone who gets pleasure from others causing others evil.   That, and having the skills and savvy to manipulate others to do what you need them to do to serve your agenda (MORE)

What rhymes with Machiavellian?

depending on pronunciation: (el-ee-yin) battalion galleon hellion Italian madrigalian medallion rapscallion rebellion scallion stallion talion near rhymes: allium (MORE)
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What is Machiavellians?

Well, there is no specific group who would term themselves Machiavellians, understand; this is a term reserved for those who desire to get ahead in the world, regardless of th (MORE)