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How do you make a machinima?

A machinima is video made via a game, but to get it onto the machinima site, you need to make good videos and get recognised on something like youtube.
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What is machinima?

Machinima, a portmanteau of machine cinema, is both a collection of associated production techniques and a film genre defined by those techniques. As a production technique, t (MORE)

Can you download machinima?

Now, no you can't. Machinima took the download link off the website, so you should probably go with Movie Storm. I downloaded it, but you have to pay for the extras. So you sh (MORE)

How much do machinima directors get paid?

Machinima directors are payed for the amount of views a video gets. Legally, directors are not allowed to disclose the amount they get paid. However, I have heard rumors they (MORE)
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How do you make a halo reach machinima?

You need to buy a capture card. The capture card allows you to take  videos from the game, and turn it into a movie with video editing  software.
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