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What does macht schnell mean?

The phrase " Macht schnel l" is an imperative and means " hurry up ", or " Make it quick! " . In this example it is used in the second person plural form (used when speaking (MORE)

What does arbeit macht frei mean?

It's a German saying that can be translated as "work makes you free". It was displayed over the main entrance to nearly all Nazi concentration camps and extermination camps an (MORE)

Woraus macht man kerzen?

" Woraus macht man Kerzen? " translates in to English as " What are candles made of? ". The answer is " Wachs " which translates as " wax ".

What does weiss macht mean in German?

The literal translation is "white makes". The full phrase "weiss macht frei" would make more sense, meaning "white makes free". That phrase is popular among White Supremacists (MORE)

Wie macht man gluehwein?

How to make mulled wine: I've found a few recipes on the internet and added them under related links below (two of them are in german, I hope it's not a problem. If so, just (MORE)

How is arbeit macht frei ironic?

it is not, the prisoners worked until they were set free (by death). ____ Placed over the entrances to Nazi concentration camps it was a very sick joke. . Irony is a (MORE)
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What is Gabriel Macht famous for?

Gabriel Macht is an American actor. He is most famous for playing the titular character of the film "The Spirit", which was released in 2008. He would later be known for his r (MORE)