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How did John Williams learn about music?

John Williams learned about music from his father, Johnny Williams,  a jazz drummer. His brothers were also musicians. He studied and  played music in college. He conducted (MORE)

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How old is John Williams?

John Williams (composer) is 85 years old (birthdate: February 8, 1932). John Christopher Williams (guitarist) is 75 years old (birthdate April 24,1941). John Williams (radio h (MORE)

Who is John Shakespeare to William Shakespeare?

John Shakespeare (c. 1531 - September 1601) was the father of William Shakespeare. He was a glover. John Shakespeare was a successful and well connected man during the early p (MORE)
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Facts about john Williams?

American pianist and composer John Williams is well-known for  composing the soundtracks to such movies as the Star Wars series,  Superman, E. T., and the first three Harry (MORE)