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What is Mackintosh?

A type of computer also known as "mac" with a better network work system. It's more expensive because the PC network has more people and the virus spreads more. Mackintosh i (MORE)

How did the Mackintosh get its name?

The Mackintosh raincoat was named for its inventor, CharlesMacintosh of Scotland. Despite the spelling of his last name, thecoat is universally spelt with the letter "k". The (MORE)
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Who is mackintosh mum?

Macintosh mum is a cyber-helpdesk. when using a Macintosh (apple) computer, simply open safari and type 'Macintosh mum' into the search bar. you should find a link to the appl (MORE)
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What is the Charles Rennie Mackintosh Rose?

While working in architecture, Charles Rennie Mackintosh developed his own style: a contrast between strong right angles and floral-inspired decorative motifs with subtle curv (MORE)

What has the author Barry Mackintosh written?

Barry Mackintosh has written: 'The United States Park Police' -- subject(s): History, United States Park Police 'Interpretation in the National Park Service' -- subject(s) (MORE)

What has the author John Mackintosh written?

John Mackintosh has written: 'The history of civilisation in Scotland' -- subject(s): Civilization, History 'The story of Scotland from the earliest times to the present c (MORE)