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What are macros?

Macros, which are special lines/fragments of code, differ from any other code written in the source files in the aspect that it's not passed to the compiler (either for the pu (MORE)

What is a macro?

This term is used in many fields. In some applications such as Word, a macro is a series of operations that can be saved and redone many times. In programming, a macro is pred (MORE)
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What do macros do?

When you create a macro, you store a phrase (even a long string of characters) in memory so that typing a single key on the keyboard will produce the phrase, saving all that r (MORE)

What are macro buttons?

They are buttons (icons) you can put in a spreadsheet and attach to a macro to make it easier to execute a macro.

Where can you download macros?

You do not really download macros, but you can get lists of code to create your own macro. There are many locations you can find if you search for "sample excel macros." You w (MORE)
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What can a macro do?

Macros are a great productivity tool. It allow you to run series of actions with a click of a button. Macros help you work smartly. What is a macro? A macro is a set of task (MORE)

What are macros and macro processors?

Ans. A macro is similar to a subroutine (or a procedure), but there are important. Differences between them. A subroutine is a section of the program that is written. Once, (MORE)