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What is macro Excel?

  Macro is feature in MS Excel software which records all the steps and all the steps can be repeated whenever a same task is required to be performed. It helps in reducti (MORE)

What is macro taxonomy?

Macro taxonomy is the combination of two words . Macro is taken from Greek word Makros which means large , taxis means arrangement and nomus means laws so simply we can define (MORE)
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What is macro nutrition?

  Macro nutrition is looking at you caloric intake from the perspective of protein, carbohydrates and fats. Macro numbers like 50/30/20 means that you get 50% of calories (MORE)

What are macros?

Macros, which are special lines/fragments of code, differ from any other code written in the source files in the aspect that it's not passed to the compiler (either for the pu (MORE)
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What is macro-anatomy?

"Macro-anatomy" is a kind of abbreviation for the term "Macroscopical anatomy". Macroscopical anatomy is the part of health sciencies, which deals with the description of th (MORE)

What is macro statics?

Macro Static investigation describes the static equilibrium situation of the financial system. It is defined object is to show a still picture of the economy as a whole, the m (MORE)

What is macro ecosystem?

A macro ecosystem can be described as a single biological community of interacting living things and their physical environment that expands automatically into a set of commun (MORE)

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Macroing on RuneScape?

I wouldn't, recently Jagex have updated their security towards macroing as of 11/5/2009, The Following statement taken from site:     These days we are taking a ze (MORE)