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What is macroscopic?

Answer . the view of a subject at a larger scale, or something that can be seen with the naked eye
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Is temperature a microscopic or macroscopic concept?

Temperature in itself is a macroscopic concept which generally issaid to be empirical. However, the process of heat transfer isdefined in microscopic concept terms.
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What is macroscope?

\nMacroscope is a novel by science fiction and fantasy writer Piers Anthony. It was nominated for the Hugo Award for Best Novel in 1970.
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What is microscopic and macroscopic?

Microscopic is invisible to the unaided eye, while macroscopic is visible. (That's the basic slate-of-hand definition, and there may be a more scientific one you're looking fo ( Full Answer )
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Is temperature a macroscopic property why?

yes.. temperature is a macroscopic property because the temperature of just one unit of a substance is equal to the temperature of the whole body.. it is independent of the qu ( Full Answer )
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What are macroscopic and microscopic scenes?

Macroscopic scene - the "large view" of a crime scene, includingthings such as locations, the victim's body, cars, and buildings. Microscopic scene - a crime scene viewed in t ( Full Answer )
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What is macroscopic energy?

It is energy a system possesses as a whole with respect top some outside frame. This energy is easily usable for engineering purposes.
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Is a chloroplast macroscopic?

Macroscopic objects can be seen with the naked eye. Objects that you see in everyday life are macroscopic. Macroscopic objects are comprised of microscopic and/or particulat ( Full Answer )