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What is madness?

I don't want to really put it in a column but.. my perception on madness is that if you cannot feel or understand empathy , if you cannot love or want to be loved, if you cann (MORE)
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Why do you get mad?

when people do things to you or you see something that isn't right it angers you because I said so an I am right all the times

How do you get mad?

here are some reasons how to get MAD! people calling you names,people calling you curse words if you HATE my reasons than get mad yourself,and if you HATE my reason i hate yo (MORE)

What do you do when you get mad?

scream into a pillow, beat up your face, tell everyone in your house to shut the freak up,pull your hair out, text a mean message to all your family and friends,kiss a geek, b (MORE)
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He is mad at you what to do?

Well first what is he mad at you for? I would just take a brake and chill and make sure you understand each other. That's all i have to say. HOPE THIS HELPS!
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What is In and Out of Madness?

In and Out of Madness is a fictionalized account of a true story. It is about a bipolar woman suffering from multiple personality disorder who catches her sex addict husband c (MORE)
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What to do when she is mad at you?

if you dont like her then nothing but if you do buy her some flowers or chocolate or get on your knees and beg forgiveness by, lonewolf
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How can you be mad?

You can be mad in a hat you can be mad at a cat you can be mad during the day you can be mad and get in a fray you can be mad at night you can be mad at a light you can be mad (MORE)

Why does she get mad?

If you've been acting wrongly she might get mad, most of the time that's the case, on the other hand, who knows?