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What continent is madeira in?

The Island of Madeira is in Europe, although technically speaking if looking on a detailed World Map it is closer to Morocco than it is to Portugal.
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What is Madeira?

It's spelt 'Madeira', and it's a fortified wine akin to port. It comes from the Portuguese island of Madeira, which is in the Atlantic Ocean. Due to its special maturation ( Full Answer )
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Is Madeira in Europe?

Yes, it is. It´s in Spain. Its actually in Portugal, but is part of Europe and the European Union.
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Is Madeira in EU?

Madeira is an island that belongs to Portugal. Portugal is in the EU, so Madeira is in the EU.
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Who discovered Madeira?

Joao Goncalves Zarco is credited with the discovery of the Madeira Archipelago (1420); but these islands are known from the antiquity.
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What country is Madeira?

Madeira is an archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean; Madeira is an autonomous region of Portugal.
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What is the continent for Madeira?

Madeira Islands are in the Atlantic Ocean at approx. 33 0 North latitude and approx. 17 0 East longitude; but because Madeira Archipelago belong to Portugal it is considered ( Full Answer )
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What is the climate in Madeira?

The climate in Madeira is considered as Mediterranean and very comfortable. See also the link below.
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What is a quinta in Madeira?

I suppose that the correct translation is a big garden with a luxurious house inside.
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Where are the Madeira Islands?

One will find the Madeira Islands to be an autonomous region located in Portugal. The Madeira Islands is a popular all-year round tourist attraction and is visited by a lot of ( Full Answer )