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Is Madeira in the EU?

Madeira belongs to Portugal and Portugal is a member of the  European Union, so the answer to your question is yes.
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What is the closest airport to Madeira Beach FL?

The nearest major airport is St. Petersburg-Clearwater International Airport (PIE / KPIE). This airport has domestic flights from Saint Petersburg, Florida and is about 14 dri (MORE)

Can Madeira be substituted for sherry?

  You can substitute Madeira for sherry for the most part, however, as an aperitif, Sherry Amontillado is my preference. Mario Lopez
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What ocean surrounds the madeira islands?

The Madeira Island Archipelago is located just off of the coast of  Morocco. It is located in the Atlantic Ocean.
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What is the difference between Madeira and sherry?

Madeira is made in Portugal, while sherry is made in Spain. Madeira  is generally sweet, while sherry is generally dry.
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Can you substitute Cabernet wine for Madeira wine?

you can, but it will greatly change the flavor of the dish. Madeira Wine is fortified and Cabernet isn't.
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What continent is madeira in?

The Island of Madeira is in Europe, although technically speaking if looking on a detailed World Map it is closer to Morocco than it is to Portugal.
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Why is there a statue of lord baden Powell in madeira?

According to Boy's Life book - can be found with a google search of 'Baden Powell and Madeira' - he visited there on his 'world tour' and took a ride in the wicker toboggan's. (MORE)
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Is all of Madeira in Europe?

Yes. It is off the coast of Morocco in Africa, but belongs to Portugal which is part of Europe.
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