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Were Madeline Kahn and Gene Wilder ever romantically linked?

No. At the time of filming Young Frankenstein, he was married to his second wife (Mary Joan Schutz), who accused him of having an affair with Kahn (who was one of his co-stars (MORE)

Is Madeline mills Actress still working?

I am Madeleine Mills' younger sister. I am very sad to say that Maddie died in August 2010 after a long battle with cancer. So, no, she is not working any more.
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Does madeline duggan have a boyfriend?

  Yes she does. She is currently going out with a boy from her school called Shaun.
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Why Did Madeline Duggan Leave Eastenders?

The show got a new director, and he decided that she didn't suit the part of Lauren. He had a 'new vision' of the show, therefore re cast many characters, such as Ben Mitche (MORE)

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Who is Madeline O'Hare?

  If she is the person I think she is she is the founder of the American Atheists.
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What skit did Madeline Kahn do with John Belushi singing I will follow him?

i'm not sure but if you have a subscription to Netflix you can look it up its on season one episode 19. great stuff might i add i love that sketch a whole bunch
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How do you spell Madeline?

That is one spelling of the female given name Madeline (French Madeleine). Variants include Marlene, Madelene, Madelynn, and Madlyn.
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