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What is the plural of status?

The correct plural of the word "status" is "status." Although spelled the same way, the plural form is pronounced in such a way so that it rhymes with "loose."
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What is defacto status?

  It depends on the context. Generally, it simply means that something, while not technically created, is still treated as if it had been created. For example, a corporati (MORE)

Where is the statue of The Thinker?

The original is in Paris. Rodin made a first small plaster version around 1880. The first large-scale bronze cast was finished in 1902, but not presented to the public until (MORE)

What is a Statue of Liberty?

A Play that the quarterback pretends to throw the ball but has the ball behind his back and while his hand is in the air, he hands the ball off to a runningback, looking like (MORE)

What is the statue of David?

Copy the link below and read about it on WIKI. They have a great page about it. I hope this helps. I got stuck with a research report on Michelangelo and yeah I am sort of act (MORE)

What does the Statue of Liberty have on?

sorry, but i don't know. but...iknow this: before, it was  bronze, but the chemicals in the rain turned it into green.  interestin, isn't it?  She's wearing sandals on her (MORE)

How do you draw a statue?

1.look at a picture of a statue 2. get a pencil 3. DRAW IT! Answer: There are several approaches to drawing anything: The iterative approach: Make any kind of rough dra (MORE)
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Where is secretariat's statue at?

Secretariat has more than on statue erected of him, as he is considered one of the greatest racehorses of all time. But there is a statue of him at the Kentucky Horse Park, s (MORE)