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What is the closest airport to Memphis International Airport?

The nearest major airport is Jonesboro Municipal Airport (JBR / KJBR). This airport has domestic flights from Jonesboro, Arkansas and is about 79 road miles from Memphis Inter (MORE)

What is the distance from Madrid Atocha train station to Madrid airport?

  around 25km, but it is very well connected by car, via the first ring road (M30) northbound, taking the exit to A2 highway and then going straight ahead for 10km. A taxi (MORE)

Why is the Tulsa International Airport an international airport?

  Although Tulsa International Airport has no scheduled commercial international flights it is a landing rights airport (LRA). Landing rights airports are considered inter (MORE)

Which is the closest airport to Madrid?

The nearest major airport is Madrid-Cuatro Vientos Airport (MCV / LECU). This airport has international flights and is about 18 km driving distance from the center of Madrid.
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