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How are maelstroms formed?

A maelstrom is formed when very strong tides coming from different (opposing) directions meet. This conjunction of strong and opposing tides causes an uncommonly powerful whir (MORE)

Can anyone tell me about a mountain bike called a 'Viking Maelstrom'?

  Yes I have one, according to a news article I saw, the brand has been around for 100 years plus but is just trying to re-enter the UK market. They are predominantly at t (MORE)

What does maelstrom mean?

  This was all i found that meant maelstrom.   Maelstrom means :   1. any large or violent whirlpool   2. a violently confused or dangerously agitated stat (MORE)

How can you use the word maelstrom in a sentence?

The sailboat was caught in a maelstrom and pulled under the waves.    The murder of the popular politician triggered a maelstrom of  violent protests that eventually b (MORE)