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What is Mafic like?

Mafic is a silicate mineral or rock that is rich in magnesium andiron, and is usually dark in color. It is formed from coolingvolcanic lava.
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What is a mafic rock?

A Mafic rock is a type of igneous rock that is rich in Iron and Magnesium instead of silica. The rocks are also darker in color like Basalt.
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What are mafic rocks?

A mafic rock is composed of mafic minerals such as biotite mica, amphibole, proxene, and olivine. The actual word mafic refers to magnesium and iron; nevertheless, these miner (MORE)
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What is the definition of mafic?

Mafic is a term used to describe an igneous rock that is usually dark in color, with a chemistry that may be high in magnesium and iron, like basalt. Mafic is also a term used (MORE)
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What rocks are mafic?

Mafic is a chemical classification for igneous rocks containing 46-85% mafic (minerals rich in iron and magnesium) minerals. Some examples include gabbro, basalt, and scoria.
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Is quartz mafic?

No, we call something mafic if it has a relative low silica content. As quartz is 100% silica, it's not mafic, but felsic.
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What is the lithosphere made of mafic or felsic?

Its made up of both. Oceanic crust is mostly mafic magma (basalt) and continental crust is mafic and felsic. The lithosphere also contains the upper portion of the upper ma (MORE)

How can mafic magma become felsic?

There are two ways this can happen. One mechanism is fractionalcrystallization. As a mass of mafic magma cools the more maficminerals tend to solidify first. The remaining liq (MORE)

Is a limestone mafic?

No. The terms mafic and felsic apply to igneous rocks. Limestone isa sedimentary/biochemical rock and so cannot be said to be mafic,felsic, or intermediate.