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Is Seventeen magazine a good magazine?

Personally i think that Seventeen Magazine is a greeaat magazine! It talks about fitness, beuty, hair, makeup, and self confidence. You should subscribe to Seventeen! Or visit (MORE)

Where can you get magazines at?

At your local grocery store. Walmart, Target, just about every bookstore. and also from internet , Usage of digital version of Magazine is very famous in today's era

What do you get in a magazine?

We can read lots of good article from magazine , day to day happening etc. Today's world getting a magazine is not that tough, One can get any magazine from internet in digita (MORE)

Who publishes the magazine the Highlights magazine?

Highlights, which used to use the tag-line Fun with a purpose, is a juvenile educational sort of Magazine. It is not commonly available in stores. I seem to recall they had so (MORE)

What is an magazine?

A magazine is a regularly issued newspaper or journal containg written or printed articles that people find entertaining, informative, interesting or useful. Essentially it mu (MORE)
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What type of magazine is Metro Magazine?

Metro Magazine is a tabloid popular in the New York City area. It can be purchased from newspaper stands for 1 dollar every day of the week. The magazine is high quality and f (MORE)
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What type of magazine is the Closer Magazine?

The Closer Magazine would be known in the America's as a celebrity gossip rag. In its mission statement, the magazine lists itself as an entertainment package to keep the read (MORE)
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What kind of magazine is 17 Magazine?

Seventeen is an American magazine geared towards teenage girls. The magazine covers topics important to teenage girls, including fashion, dating, advice, and fiction pieces.