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Where is Magdeburg?

Magdeburg is the capital of the state ( Land ) of Sachsen-Anhalt. It is on the Elbe between Hanover and Berlin.
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What is the magdeburg hemisphere formula?

Pressure = Force / Area Assuming you have created a force by hanging a certain mass from one hemisphere then Force = Mass * Gravity We need to consider the area on whi ( Full Answer )
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What keeps magdeburgs hemispheres together?

The Magdeburg hemispheres, around 50 cm (20 inches) in diameter, were designed to demonstrate the vacuum pump that von Guericke had invented. One of them had a tube connection ( Full Answer )
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What happens when two magdeburg spheres are pulled after air pressure has been pumped into it?

it just comes apart. If air pressure is pumped out,then it would be impossible to pull apart unless air gets back in. this is the story about the Magdeburg experiment: The Mag ( Full Answer )
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What actors and actresses appeared in Eine Magdeburger Geschichte - 1988?

The cast of Eine Magdeburger Geschichte - 1988 includes: Rabea Atrott Heinrich Banet Ludwig Bestehorn Maxi Biewer Bruno Carstens Fred Delmare Horst Drinda Margot Ebert Wolfgan ( Full Answer )