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Who wrote the Darling Buds of May poem?

Darling buds of May is a line from William Shakespeare's Sonnet 18, also called Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?. Enjoy the whole poem: Shall I compare thee to a summ (MORE)

Rod Stewart Maggie may date RECORDED?

Maggie May was taken from his third album, 'Every Picture Tells A Story' which was recorded during the month of November 1970, although it wasn't released until May 71in the U (MORE)

Was Rod Stewart Maggie May a double A side?

YES although Maggie May started life as the B-side to Reason To Believe. It was changed to a Double-A-side after a Cleveland Dj reportedly played the wrong side and it became (MORE)
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What is the poem Molly Means about?

It is about a girl who smelled and had bad B.O. cuz she never took a bath. She also rolled around with the pigs in Mexico soshe had swine flu. LIES< whoever answered that is i (MORE)