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How can you do magic?

Magic comes from within thyself...It flows in and out of all living things..You just have to have the strong will power to call it. I would think of it more like a form of en (MORE)

How do you get a magic?

to summon a dragon say this:dragon kin come and go,. come and aid me here below.. serpents one and serpents all,. come and heed my dragon call!.. FLAMMIFAX! ARFAX! ORFAX!. (MORE)

How do you get magic?

Magick is a birthright; you just need to tap into it. The first thing you should know before you try it is this: Magick isn't like what you see magicians do on TV, making (MORE)

How do I do magic?

First, it's not magic, it's all illusions, so you wan't to look up how to do magic tricks, you got to get most of the basic tricks down, then you go to the better stuff, but t (MORE)
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How can you do a magic?

you need a pencil and some magic and poof all done. ideally you should train as an apprentice.
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What can be magical?

"Magical" can refer to any person, thing, or idea that is of supernatural backgrounds and deals with paranormal activity that cannot otherwise be done by the everyday human.
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Where do you get magic?

You get magic by believing really hard. I believed and now I'm a witch (no joke)
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How did magic do?

It did pretty well in 2005 in fact it went magnificent because it was such a hit. There were lots of magnificent