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How do you do magic?

Find someone who can teach you and show them that you truly want to learn for the sake of magic. Then practise constantly and build experience in doing the spell or trick.
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Can you get magic?

Several people do say that magic is real but i don't think so. I am sorry to hurt you if you do believe in magic but what is the use even if it is real? if magic is real,you m ( Full Answer )
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How do they do magic?

They use the creativity and talent The point of magic is that you actually don't freaking how the foodthey are doing it.
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The magic is there?

yes it's therer but you need to tap into it. the power inside you will burst if you don't use something that is technology it's comlecated.
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How you can do magic?

you have put this in the wrong section, Orlando magic is the name of the basketball team
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How To Do Magic?

Here's a spell for you, you can now turn into a pokemon. I'm not sure if it'll work. You will need A toy regular pokeball with plush of your pokemon red, black and whit ( Full Answer )
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Why can not we have magic?

We can, and do. Many worldwide practice magick; the use/manipulation of energies to change something. Everyone has magick inside them; the key is knowing how to use it. And ( Full Answer )
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Can do magic?

yes i know a lot of magic. criss angel teaches you on tv and live
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How can you be magic?

I have a magic trick for you, where it looks like the stylus is going right through your stomach! here's how you do it: . get a Nintendo 3ds stylus. . pull up your t shirt ( Full Answer )
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How do you magic?

magic is described in different ways you have telekinesis, telepathy, simple garden spells the list goes on but all of them will start the same way you must prepare yourself. ( Full Answer )