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How do you a address a letter to a magistrate?

  You address them by using 'Your Worship'...don't use 'your honour' that is for judges and it'll look like you don't know anything about court. You can also use 'Sir/Mada (MORE)

What is a magistrate?

A magistrate in England and Wales is a judge in the lowest criminal courts. They operate without a jury and rarely impose custodial (jail) sentences. Magistrates normally ha (MORE)

What is a Magistrates court?

A magistrates court is a court that deals with smaller crimes. They would generally deal with local cases, and if the cases dealt with are quite serious, they would be sent of (MORE)

What is a county or city magistrate?

    Answer       Judge     *     Small communities often have magistrates who preside over minor legal actions.     Some would be: t (MORE)
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What constitutes a mistrial in a magistrates court?

A judge may cancel a trial prior to the return of a verdict; legal parlance designates this as a mistrial. A judge may declare a mistrial due to:The court determining that it (MORE)

What were the most important magistrates in rome?

The magistrates were the officers of state. During the period of  the Roman Republic the two consuls were the heads of the republic.  During the period of rule by emperors t (MORE)