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What is a district magistrate and what does he do?

It depends on the country. In England and Wales, Australia, Canada and many US states (such as Pennsylvania), magistrates are local judges who deal with minor criminal and civ (MORE)

What is a magistrate?

A magistrate in England and Wales is a judge in the lowest criminal courts. They operate without a jury and rarely impose custodial (jail) sentences. Magistrates normally ha (MORE)

What can a magistrate do?

Criminal cases A magistrate can handle criminal, and civil matters. He is hired for his position to alleviate some of the burdon on the judges he sits in for. Most of the ti (MORE)

Why we go to magistrate?

It depends on the country and what kind of magistrate. In the US, a magistrate can refer to two different things. They can be a civil magistrate. For small claims court, the c (MORE)

Is magistrate a pronoun?

No, the word 'magistrate' is a noun , a word for acivil officer with power to administer and enforce law, a word fora person. A pronoun is a word that takes the place of a n (MORE)