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How is a maglev train useful?

Trains are useful for moving people quickly and safely.Maglev trains use electricity for power. This can come from renewable energy sources, in which case they have no carbon (MORE)

How does a maglev train move forward?

Magnets attract or repel (opposite poles attract: like poles repel), and electro-magnets can be turned on and off, or have their poles reversed, in an instant. So magnets are (MORE)

When were maglev trains invented?

  The Maglev train was first invented in 1902. It was invented from a German man named Alfred Zehden of Germany. The first operational Maglev train was The Transrapid 05 (MORE)
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Who is the inventor of maglev trains?

The maglev train was first invented in 1902 . It was invented by a guy named Alfred Zehan OF GERMANY… and invented in japan
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How does the maglev train reduce friction?

If you have two magnets they each have a north and south pole. The opposite poles will attract and the same poles will repel. Maglev trains create magnet fields on the track b (MORE)

Who invented Maglev trains?

Patents for Maglev trains were issued as early as 1905, But the  first person to demonstrated a prototype of a magnetic levitating  railway car was Emile Bachelet, of Mount (MORE)

What are the advantages of the maglev train?

If you have an automobile, you may be aware of the cost of gasoline. If not, you have seen automobile owners purchase gasoline. If you drive down the highway, the automobile u (MORE)

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