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What is magma?

Magma is molten rock which can be found in certain places under theEarth's surface. Magma that is erupted onto the Earth's surface iscalled lava. Magma is melted rock beneath (MORE)
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What is the magma?

Answer . Magma is molten rock which rises from the mantle and into the crust and may solidify into igneous rock underground (e.g. granite or gabbro) or solidfy above ground (MORE)
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What is in magma?

Magma is a mixture of various molten minerals and trapped gasses.To a large degree it can be though of as a mixture of oxides. Thosethat are will commonly form minerals includ (MORE)
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Why is magma called magma?

This word has its origin in the Greek language, where it is relatedto 'to knead'; thus recognizing it being formed from a plasticmaterial that is re-shaped.
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How does magma become magma?

Magma is created when rocks are at the correct temperature and pressure to cause melting also know as passing the Liquidus (aka melting point with respect to pressure and temp (MORE)

What rhymes with magma?

These are some words that may rhyme with magma: 1. agma 2. bregma 3. chalcostigma 4. diaphragma 5. dogma 6. endophragma 7. enigma 8. entandrophragma 9. gma (MORE)

How magmas melt?

Magma [from Greek μάγμα, paste] is molten rock that is found beneath the surface of the Earth, and may also exist on other terrestrial planets. Besides molten r (MORE)
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What are not examples of magma?

By definition, magma is molten rock which is underground or sub-surface. It is called lava when above ground level. What are not examples of magma? Well, anything that i (MORE)

What can magma do?

magma can make igneous rocks! igneous rocks are new rocks found in the earths crust formed around the plate boundaries. Magma from the mantle rises upwards towards the surface (MORE)