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Why is the magna carta kept in the dark?

Light, particularly ultraviolet light, causes chemical changes in organic materials. This leads to decomposition. Old documents are kept in the dark to preserve them.
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What rights did the Magna Carta protect?

The Magna Carta protected the rights of all free citizens to own  and inherit property and protection from excessive taxes. It  established the rights of widows who owned pr (MORE)

What enlightenment ideas are in the magna carta?

The enlightment ideas of the magna carta were to give pesants and  nobels equal rights, as well as to limit the power of the king over  his subjects.
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Who wrote the Magna Carta?

The content of the Magna Carta was drafted by Archbishop Stephen Langton and the most powerful Barons of England. King John signed the document which was originally called t (MORE)

Where is the Magna Carta kept today?

Lots of copies where made and only 4 survive today, they are located at: Dover castle, Lincoln castle, Salisbury cathedral and houses of parliment. I myself will be seeing the (MORE)

Why did they make the magna carta?

The Magna Carta is basically a constitution that limited the King of England's power. This document stated that the King England must respect legal procedures and accept that (MORE)

What was the Magna Carta?

The Magna Carta is Latin for "Great Charter". It set down rights  which became part of English law and which are now the foundations  for the constitutions of all countries (MORE)