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How would you use magnanimity in a sentence?

  The magnanimity of the store owner was great; he did not press charges on the robber once he received an apology.   Magnanimity is a word which means great graciousn (MORE)

How do you use Magnanimous in a sentence?

The word 'magnanimous' is an adjective used to describe a noun as  generous or forgiving, especially towards a rival or less powerful  person. Examples:    The teache (MORE)
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What is a magnanimous person?

a person who gives credit to where it is due or very generous or forgiving . They are also gracious in defeat and let those who are defeated keep their dignity.
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Will a magnanimous victor become more or less popular?

A magnanimous victor would, in my opinion, be more popular because to be magnanimous is to be forgiving in insults or injuries of any kind or just generous. So, to conclude, g (MORE)

What are magnanimous animals?

There are not that many magnanimous animals since many are out for  themselves, but there are some. A couple of them are dogs and  horses with their loyalty and nobility.