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What animals are magnanimous?

Answer . Horses are quite noble, and some dogs certainly do sacrifice for their family... but in general, most animals are pretty much self-serving.. On the other hand, i (MORE)

Magnanimous in a sentence?

The British were magnanimous conquerors. (Canadian history, 1758-1760) Magnanimous definition: 1. Courageously noble in mind and heart. 2. Generous in forgiving; esch (MORE)
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What is a magnanimous person?

a person who gives credit to where it is due or very generous or forgiving . They are also gracious in defeat and let those who are defeated keep their dignity.

What is magnanimity to some people?

Maganimity is essentially the quality of being a great person-- someone who refuses to be petty and will always do what is right and necessary. To some people, it is a life go (MORE)

What are magnanimous animals?

There are not that many magnanimous animals since many are out forthemselves, but there are some. A couple of them are dogs andhorses with their loyalty and nobility.

What is a sentence with the word magnanimity in it?

Magnanimity means generosity, liberality in bestowing gifts. Here is a sentence example: His youngest son was always rather lazy and seemed to have no problem living off (MORE)

What does magnanimity?

Magnanimity means generosity. Both sides will have to showmagnanimity to solve this situation. You should demonstratemagnanimity to your enemies.