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What is magnetism?

Basically, magnetism is the force that causes a nail or paper clip to be pulled toward a magnet. Play around with a magnet and you'll quickly see magnetism in action!. What i ( Full Answer )
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What are magnets?

Magnets are objects or structures that exhibit an electromagnetic field formed by the alignment of their atomic structure. They attract iron and other materials by including t ( Full Answer )
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What is magnetic?

Magnetic is defined as very alluring or attractive. It is alsodefined as capable of having the properties of a magnet. A magnetcreates a magnetic field using electric currents ( Full Answer )
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What can a magnet do?

Magnets attract sure materials eg. iron steel nickel cobalt Magnetic materials are interested in the poles of the magnet. On a magnet the poles are at either finish of the ( Full Answer )
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What does a Magnet do?

A magnet attracts other metal objects to it. This is done by combining the following materials: iron, boron, and neodymium. These materials make a magnet, and a magnet can als ( Full Answer )
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Where can you get magnets?

I would go to a shop and ask if they have any and if they say no ask if they know where they sell any.
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What can you do with magnets?

Magnets moved past coils of wire generate all the electricity on Earth. Magnets will attract or push away a coil of wire with a current flowing in it. All electric motors us ( Full Answer )
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How do you get magnetism?

You can get magnetism by connecting 2 ends of a wire to a battery. make sure the wire is long enough. the more coil you have the stronger the magnet will be. This is just one ( Full Answer )
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What does magnets have in them?

When there are moving electrons, there is a magnetic field. No moving electrons = no magnetic field. We can make an electromagnet by passing an electric current (= movin ( Full Answer )
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Where you get magnet?

To get a magnet. . Magnets are available in nature. . You can make a magnet by tying a piece of iron to a strong magnet for some time. . You can also get a magnet by maki ( Full Answer )