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What is magnetic flux and SI unit?

According to Wikipedia, magnetic flux is a measure of the force that a moving charge at that point would experience. The SI unit is a weber.
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When magnetic flux through surface is maximum?

Magnetic flux through a surface is maximum when the direction of the magnetic field is in the same direction as the normal vector of the surface. In other words, the magnetic (MORE)

What is magnetic flux?

The magnetic flux through any surface placed in a magnetic field is the total number of magnetic lines of force crossing this surface normally
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Si unit of magnetic flux density?

wb/m2   Further AnswerThe SI unit of measurement for magnetic flux density (symbol: B) is the tesla (symbol: T), which is equivalent to the weber per square metre (symbol (MORE)
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What is the unit of magnetic flux density?

its S.I unit is telsa.   it is denoted by T.   Answer    Flux density is defined as flux per unit area. In SI,  flux is measured in webers (pronounced 'vay-ber (MORE)

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