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What is fluxes in astronomy?

  Definition: flux: A measure of the amount of energy given off by an astronomical object over a fixed amount of time and area. Because the energy is measured per time and (MORE)
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What is 'flux vortex'?

This is both pop science and real science. A "flux" vortex is a magnetic flux in rotation. A "magnetic flux," scientifically, is the product of interaction that occurs when an (MORE)

Is there an antimagnetic material that is thin and block or diverted it all magnetic flux fields?

Yes, a grain-oriented form of iron called mu-metal is used as a screen of magnetic fields for such things as CRT's. This material has a high magnetic permeability, called mu ( (MORE)

A loop of wire is placed in a uniform magnetic field.In which orientation of the loop is the magnetic flux linked with it maximum?

1. The orientation giving the maximum magnetic flux would be 90 degrees or perpendicular to the magnetic field because that gives the maximum amount of magnetic field lines a (MORE)

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What is flux coating?

When you weld steel you need to make sure that oxygen in the air is kept away from the weld while it's being formed. Otherwise the iron in the weld burns in the oxygen and for (MORE)
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What is the unit of magnetic flux density?

its S.I unit is telsa.   it is denoted by T.   Answer    Flux density is defined as flux per unit area. In SI,  flux is measured in webers (pronounced 'vay-ber (MORE)

What is viscous flux?

Viscous flux usually refers to laminar flow. In most contexts, it refers to something like creeping flow or Poiseuille flow. Viscous flus usually arises from an external body (MORE)

How-to use flux?

Flux is used to bond soldered metals together. The flux is spread  onto both pieces of metal that will be soldered. If the metal is a  wire, spread the flux on the metal par (MORE)