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How do magnetic materials differ from non magnetic materials?

If we look on the Periodic Table, we see that iron, nickel and cobalt are next door to each other, meaning that they have similar electron numbers. When we look at the large s (MORE)
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What are magnetic and non - magnetic materials?

Materials such as nickel , cobalt , iron which are attracted by a magnet are called magnetic materials . Materials such as plastic , cotton , wool which are not attracted by (MORE)
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Magnetic and non- magnetic materials?

MAGNETIC: Magnatite, Iron, Cobalt, Nickel, Manganese, Chromium.   NON MAGNETIC: hydrogen, water, steel, graphite, diamond, silicon,  carbon dioxide, methane, ethane, prop (MORE)
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Do magnets repel non magnetic materials?

No. Magnets only repel magnets of the same polarization, and do not  magnetically influence non magnetic materials.    In the field of physics, there are many types of (MORE)
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Is a coin a magnetic material?

a coin maybe magnetic but there are coins that are magnetic and others are not for example a coin coated with GOLD IS NOT MAGNETIC BUT ONE THAT HAS IRON IS MAGNETIC .More answ (MORE)