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What is the magnetosphere?

Magnetosphere The area around the Earth that extends beyond the atmosphere iscalled the Magnetosphere. The Magnetosphere beginsat approximately 1000 km and extends thousa (MORE)
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What does the magnetosphere do?

The magnetosphere protects a planet from solar winds or solar radiation by its magnetic fields produced by its iron core. A planet can only have a magnetosphere if its core co (MORE)

What does the magnetosphere attract?

The Magnetosphere is that area of space, around a planet, that is controlled by the planet's magnetic field. The shape of the Earth's magnetosphere is the direct result of bei (MORE)
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How does the magnetosphere happen?

If we did not have the Magnetosphere we would die from harmful Solar Wind that the Magnetosphere blocks. The Magnetosphere is like our personal shield along with our atmospher (MORE)

What is the orbital velocity of Uranus' magnetosphere?

. Use the data and the formula: 2*pi*r/p. r is the distance of Oberon from Uranus and p is 17.24 hours. In this case r= 584,000 km. So, plugging in the values equals (knowi (MORE)

Is earth the only planet with a magnetosphere?

No, Mercury has a weak one, Venus has an even weaker one, Mars only has scattered remnants of one, Jupiter has one 10 times stronger, Saturn's is slightly weaker than Earth's, (MORE)

What is a benefit of the magnetosphere?

It deflects the solar wind which in turns lowers atmospheric losssignificantly. In planets like Mars whose magnetoshperes are not asstrong or large as the Earth's, most of the (MORE)