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What is a magnum shell?

If you're referring to firearms, magnum basically just means large. It's a designation for certain calibers. A .357 magnum is, basically, a .38 with a longer casing and more p (MORE)

Can you shoot 38 plus p in a 357 magnum?

A .357 Magnum firearm is more than capable of handling the chamber pressure generated by the .38 Special +P ammo. However, this only applies to revolvers - in a magazine fed . (MORE)
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What is a magnum condum?

Magnum condom is a brand of condoms from Trojan, that are  manufactured by the Church & Dwight Company. The Trojan brand  began to sell their condoms in 1927.

What is a magnum gun?

A magnum gun is a gun that will shoot a magnum cartridge, and that  cartridge will have magnum in its' name. It is just a moniker that  infers more powerful cartridge, but t (MORE)

Can a magnum be silenced?

It can be suppressed somewhat, but the loud report of the magnum round surpassing the speed of sound causes it to make a mini sonic boom, defeating the entire enterprise. You (MORE)

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