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Who was Magnus Maximus?

Flavius Magnus Maximus was the commander of the legions in\nBritannia. In 383 he usurped the throne against co-emperor Gratian ( who ruled in the west) . Gratian’s\nco- (MORE)

What is the meaning of Magnus?

(The boy's name Magnus) mag-nus\\, also pronounced MAG-ness. It is of Latin origin, and the meaning of Magnus is "great". A royal name inNorway and Denmark; also a saint's n (MORE)

When did Magnus Scheving die?

Magnus Scheving has not died he lives in Rekyvik Iceland with his wife and children
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What is force?

Force is the amount of pressure placed on an object. It can be looked at as a "push" or "pull" to see it another way. Force might actually be anything that will cause somethin (MORE)
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What can a force do?

a force is something that you apply to an object    - it can move    -change shape    -change direction    -slow it down    -make it faster
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How do you get the staff of magnus in Morrowind?

The Staff of Magnus can be acquired in Assu Cave. Ajira the alchemist at the Guild of Mages in Balmora will tell you about the staff after you have reached the rank of Warlock (MORE)

Is electrostatic force an attractive force?

If it's the force between two charges with opposite signs, then  yes.   If it's the force between two charges with the same sign, then no.
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