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How is Thomas Magyar rated?

  Hungarian Violinist, concertmaster by the Chamber Orchester of Concertgebouw Amsterdam, 2-nd laureate with in Paris in the year 1935 on the Wineawsky-contest, Hungary, B (MORE)

What did the Magyars invaded?

Do you mean the Kingdom of Hungary?  THey got back some of their territories from Slovakia, Romania  and Yugoislavia that were taken away in the trities after the  WWI.  F (MORE)

What do the Aryans and Magyars have in common?

The Magyars were Aryans. Both groups were powerful warriors. The Magyars conquered almost all of Europe, as far as Spain and the Atlantic. The Magyars had blond hair and blue (MORE)

How do Magyars look?

The original Magyar conquerors (Árpád, etc.) looked similar to  Russian Türkic peoples (like Tatars or Crimeans). Hungarians today  are physically indistinguishable from (MORE)

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How old is Miska Magyarics?

Miska Magyarics was born on January 31, 1825 and died on January 8, 1883. Miska Magyarics would have been 57 years old at the time of death or 190 years old today.
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What is the origin of magyar?

Good question, no one know that for sure but at least there areslightly controversial historical theories, results of variousgenetic researches and etnographical results. . A (MORE)