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Explain why German Viking and Magyar tribes contributed to the fall of the Roman Empire?

Only the Germanic peoples contributed to the fall of the Western Roman Empire. They did so by invading Gaul, Spain, Portugal and Africa, which were part of this empire. The (MORE)

Value of 1997 magyar koztarsasag forint coin?

You are asking about a Hungarian coin ("Magyar Koztarsasag" means "Hungarian Republic") produced in 1997. On the assumption that you are referring to the brass One Forint coin (MORE)

How much is a 1901 Magyar 2 cent coin worth?

How much a 1901 Magyar 2 cent coin is worth depends on the  condition of the coin. In average circulated condition, such a coin  is worth 1 US dollar. In fully uncirculated (MORE)

How is Thomas Magyar rated?

  Hungarian Violinist, concertmaster by the Chamber Orchester of Concertgebouw Amsterdam, 2-nd laureate with in Paris in the year 1935 on the Wineawsky-contest, Hungary, B (MORE)

How do Magyars look?

The original Magyar conquerors (Árpád, etc.) looked similar to  Russian Türkic peoples (like Tatars or Crimeans). Hungarians today  are physically indistinguishable from (MORE)

What is the origin of magyar?

Good question, no one know that for sure but at least there are  slightly controversial historical theories, results of various  genetic researches and etnographical results (MORE)