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Is maharishi dayanand university good to study engineering?

  Answer   Ya... it is good for engg courses. It's been more than 36 yrs of this university. This young university has done a good job. it is any day better than CCS (MORE)

What is yogi aficionado?

Aficionado = devoted or ardent follower.  Yogi = someone who practices yoga. That would mean some who is a devoted follower of a person who practices yoga.
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What is billywood director mahesh bhatt address?

sir,. mere paas 2 stori or song cmplit he. jisme CEEMA Prihar or MHAA BLI KHALI ji ko rol he jinhe dekhne ko duniya trs rhi he. ak asaa rol ak asaa nya modh boolywood me Jo ak (MORE)

What is a yogi?

A yogi is someone who practices yoga, usually in its fuller meaning: [A yogi is] one who is bound by a code of moral conduct and restraint (including celibacy) with a view to (MORE)

Does mahesh babu smoke?

He was a chain smoker but quit 3 years ago. (April 7th 2010, he tweeted that It has been one year since he quit smoking.)
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How many moives mahesh babu acted?

Mahesh Babu acted in 8 movies as a child artist. As a hero, 17 of his movies have been released till his latest movie "Business Man". He gave his voice over to 1 movie.
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What is the summary of Mahesh Dattani's Final Solutions?

The complete title is, "Final Solutions and Other Plays" by Mahesh  Dattani. It is a series of plays written in book form concerning  Hindu-Muslim religious tensions in Indi (MORE)

What is the summary of mahesh dattanis play tara?

Tara is a story of a girl who wants to twinkle and shine, just like her name. Dattani using the themes like gender identity, discrimination, middle-class life, revelation etc. (MORE)
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Who are Yogi bear's friends?

Boo-Boo (best friend) Ranger Smith (friend, rival) Cindy (girlfriend, wife) Yogi is also friends with most of the other Hanna-Barbera
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