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What did Lord Mahavira teach?

Lord Mahavira preached that to be free from bondage of KARMA , you need to be nonviolent. Any type of killing ,causing harm to other living beings means , a rebirth and cycle (MORE)
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Where did mahavira attained enlightenment?

Lord Mahavira attained enlightenment on the bank of the river "Rujuvaluka" in Bihar under the "Shal Tree" in "Gaudohika aasan" means in milking a cow posture. on the tenth day (MORE)
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What is Mahavira 2nd name?

There are five names of lord mahavira, they are 1. Mahavira 2. Veer 3. Atveer 4. Sanmate 5. Vardhman
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Was Mahavira the Founder of Buddhism?

Mahavira was indeed a founder of a spiritual path, but it wasn't Buddhism. He was a contemporary of the Buddha, they lived during the same time period, but he founded a spirit (MORE)
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How did the Jain Tirthankar Mahavira die?

Lord Mahavir passed away from his liberation. He finally got rid of all of his bad karma and was liberated from the cycle of death and rebirth
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How did Mahavira impact Jainism?

Hindu looking for kalagi avtar and Christianity waiting for mesia while jains perfected philosophy. But added infinite chovisy means all human has potencial to become god .mah (MORE)
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Where did Mahavira spread his messages?

Mahvira first spread his message around 2500 years ago. He taught about AHIMSA, SATYA, ASTEYA, BRAHMACHARYA &APARIGRAHA. Where did he teach for the first time was never answ (MORE)
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What is the religion based in the teachings of Mahavira?

Its called Jainism. Derived from the word jina which means to conquor.. Mahavira got d title of Jina after he got the Kaivalya gyana, which means the supreme truth. though the (MORE)