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What is Mahayana Buddhism?

mahayana is one of two major Buddhism exiting mahayana is one of two major Buddhism exiting
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Boddhisattwa according to Mahayana?

Answer . According Mahayana sect of Buddhism Boddhisattvas areare those who aspire to be buddhas essentially each one of is born with the inherent buddha in us but it has (MORE)
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Where did Mahayana Buddhism originate from?

? Mahavira? originated in Kundagama, northern India ~600BC. He walked throughout north-east and central India renouncing worldly goods, teaching peace and spiritual truth, and (MORE)
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The difference of theravada and mahayana?

\nTheravada is a much older school of Buddhism, and more strict. It is less practiced than Mahayana. There are detailed articles about each of these branches of Buddhism on wi (MORE)
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What is mahayana grass?

I think it's actually Bahia.. I have for years thought people were saying Mahayana or Maheya. Recently I found out it was actually Bahia grass. Google that and you will fin (MORE)
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Who developed mahayana Buddhism?

Mahayana Buddhism Theravada Buddhism focused primarily on meditation and concentration, the eighth of the Eightfold Noble Path; as a result, it centered on a monastic life (MORE)
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Who are mahayana and theravada?

Different schools of Buddhism. Theravada means 'way of the elders', and is evolved from the original form of Buddhism. Mahayana means 'the greater vehicle', and has an unknown (MORE)