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What is mahogany wood?

mahogany wood is a brown colour wood it can be used for floors cabinets and much more it is a nice smooth and strong type of wood and very good to use.
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What is mahogany?

Mahogany is a SE Asian rainforest hardwood renowned for its beauty and longevity (resistance to rot). Mahogany is a type of wood used for furniture as well as the colorof th (MORE)
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Is mahogany renewable?

yes man its a tree yes man its a tree yes trees are a renewable source Forests are renewable, that is, trees can be replanted and grown to maturity in place of those that are (MORE)
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What are the Features of mahogany?

Mahogany is the leading wood in furniture making, sculpture andcarving. It is much sought after because of its durability,resilience and beauty.
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Can you recycle mahogany?

I have certainly reused Mahogany with lots of success. I have taken old door jambs and ripped the edges off to make some gumsmacking drawers and shelving.
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What is Brazilian mahogany?

Brazilian 'Bigleaf' Mahogany is a type of tropical hardwood that takes 60 years to mature and can grow up to 500 feet tall. It is also often called 'green gold'.
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How do you get into mahogany gym?

First, you go up north to the Lake of Rage and fight a red Gyarados. You have to have something that can use surf so you can swim to it. Then, press 'a' and battle it. After y (MORE)
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How expensive is mahogany?

Not all mahogany is expensive. There are many types. The expensive type is very rare. Cuban or W. Indian is rare.
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What is a mahogany bird?

In the Caribbean, it is both a 'joke name' for the large cockroaches that can be found, as well as a sometimes local name for a type of pigeon notorious for droppings that can (MORE)
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Is Mahogany Sustainable?

One source of Mahogany might be sustainable however another might not. It depends, if new trees are replanted as old ones are cut down and if the source will last until that t (MORE)