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Who maintains CPT?

CPT is maintained by an Editorial Panel (EP) which is made up of 16 members. It is the job of the EP to vote on proposed codes and revise, modify or update existing codes. Fou (MORE)

How do alligators maintains there body?

The alligators mantain their temperature when it is cold by opening a lilttle bit their mouth and also they lie on the sun.When it is hot they enter to water.
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Does a space maintainer hurt?

It does not hurt when you first get it put in. But 5 minutes afterward it will start aching. When you chew on it, it feels like your chewing on money so if I where you I woul (MORE)

What is the body homeostasis maintained by?

Homeostasis in he human body is maintained through complex processes of the nervous system and the endocrine system. Every single process in the body is regulated by some type (MORE)
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How do you maintain confidentiality in care setting?

to maintain confidentiality in the care setting you ensure that all staff are aware of the policy. you store all service users information in a locked place where only care (MORE)

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How can you do to maintain health in the integumentary system?

Proper Hygiene:Make your skin clean. Take a bath/shower regularly.Keep your skin dry. Pat dry. No need to scrub. Wet skin supports growth of bacteria.Proper wound care (if any (MORE)

How do you maintain the hard disk?

In addition to deleting unneeded files there other valuable  techniques that can help maintaining the integrity of files and  optimizing disk performance.   Here are som (MORE)
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What is the noun for maintain?

The noun forms for the verb to maintain are maintainer , maintenance , and the gerund, maintaining . Examples: They are taking over the maintenance of our telephone andco (MORE)