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Who maintains CPT?

CPT is maintained by an Editorial Panel (EP) which is made up of 16 members. It is the job of the EP to vote on proposed codes and revise, modify or update existing codes. Fou (MORE)

What is maintained and non maintained emergency lighting?

  As far as I understand it maintained lighting stays on all of the time INCLUDING during power failure (the latter for as long as the back up battery stays charged).   (MORE)

How is an ecosystem maintained?

An Ecosystem is maintained by the balance if nature such as the balances between hawks and mice. If one if larger or smaller than the other one, then its not balanced. Like if (MORE)

What is a maintained diet?

Maintained diet consists fixed proportion of carbs, fats and proteins. This is very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep weight in control. A person should a (MORE)

How can you do to maintain health in the integumentary system?

Proper Hygiene:Make your skin clean. Take a bath/shower regularly.Keep your skin dry. Pat dry. No need to scrub. Wet skin supports growth of bacteria.Proper wound care (if any (MORE)

How do you maintain the hard disk?

In addition to deleting unneeded files there other valuable  techniques that can help maintaining the integrity of files and  optimizing disk performance.   Here are som (MORE)
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What is the noun for maintain?

The noun forms for the verb to maintain are maintainer,  maintenance, and the gerund, maintaining.
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How do you maintain population?

you maintain population by making sure that they dont reproduce if you have to take action such as killing go ahead
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