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How do you maintain your stethoscope?

Some stethoscope manufacturers recommend that you clean your stethoscope with alcohol or soapy water, they also recommend keeping stethoscopes away from solvents. The flaw (MORE)

How can you maintain a laptop?

It is important to take care of your laptop to keep it in good shape; prevention is always better than cure. There are a number of easy things that you can do to keep your lap (MORE)
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What is the noun for maintain?

The noun forms for the verb to maintain are maintainer , maintenance , and the gerund, maintaining . Examples: They are taking over the maintenance of our telephone andco (MORE)

Who maintains CPT?

CPT is maintained by an Editorial Panel (EP) which is made up of 16 members. It is the job of the EP to vote on proposed codes and revise, modify or update existing codes. Fou (MORE)

How is Uluru maintained?

The Anangu people of central Australia are the indigenous owners of Uluru, and they maintain the monolith, as well as the Kata-Tjuta National Park, assisted by Australian gove (MORE)

How do you maintaine my bike?

Keep it clean, especially in the moving parts. Clean off all accumulated dirt at least weekly and wash parts with a thin solvent like varsol. Lubricate washed parts especially (MORE)
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How To maintain homeostasis?

This is a very broad question since there are many different types of homeostasis. It is possible to maintain a constant temperature, or a constant location, or a constant pH, (MORE)

How can friendships be maintained?

if ur frndship is true , then it will not die..........! ..time will always fly... but true friendship will not die...........! Nobody can destroy a true frie (MORE)