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What is maize?

Maize is another name for corn, also a shade of yellow. It is also a city in Kansas.
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What is the importance of maize?

Maize, Maze, Corn - a critical staple food for many early natives of North and South America, and still a key staple crop to this day.

What are maize canchas?

Having just returned from Chile we found out that canchas is a large grained dried maize, larger than traditional pop corn, that gets deep fried and sprinkled with salt and ca (MORE)

What is maize silage?

Maize silage is a kind of livestock feed, usually for cattle, that is comprised of finely-chopped (less than 1 inch pieces) corn, or maize. The plant is cut off whole approxim (MORE)

What rhymes with maize?

Some words that rhyme with maize are blaze, raise, weighs, stays, sprays, graze, daze, sways, ablaze, surveys, today's, amaze, betrays, and mayonnaise.

What is the zea maize?

Zea mays is the botanical name for the crop plant which is called corn in the US, and called maize in most other countries.

What is white maize?

Maize (corn) with the absence of carotin oil pigments. It is used for tortilla making in Mexico.
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What are Mayan maize for?

People in south america cultivated crops such as maize and cassava and domesticated llamas and other animals valued for their wool. To sell and trade mostly.

What are the homonyms of maize?

There is no spelling homonym but there is an audible homonym, boththese words sound the same. . Maize = American Corn in Britain . Maiz = Several different Biblical grain (MORE)

Is maize a millet?

No. Millets are part of the grass family Poaceae , as is maize, but they are all small-seeded cereals. Maize produces its seeds on separate female inflorescences called "ears (MORE)