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What is maize silage?

Maize silage is a kind of livestock feed, usually for cattle, that is comprised of finely-chopped (less than 1 inch pieces) corn, or maize. The plant is cut off whole approxim (MORE)

Do rabbits eat maize?

Yes, rabbits love maize, also known as Indian corn. Rabbits both in the wild and captivity will happily nibble on corn when they can get it. However it is a grain, which is (MORE)
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How is maize grown?

Corn, or by its more international name, maize, is usually grown by tilling up the soil, working it down smooth to make a good seedbed, and planting the seed (by hand or machi (MORE)

What is maize used for?

Maize is corn; it is used as food for humans and animals, it can also be used to make biofuels, and other chemicals. It can also be used to make corn oil.
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How do you pronounce maize?

Ma-eez , no other way to say it, no matter what ! even if books or teachers say you say it " maze" you don't !the correct , formal and original way to say it is Ma-Eez. i ho (MORE)

Is maize a millet?

No. Millets are part of the grass family Poaceae, as is maize, but they are all small-seeded cereals. Maize produces its seeds on separate female inflorescences called "ears," (MORE)

What is maize and how do you use it?

Maize is a kind of grain used mainly to feed livestock. In the US it's called "corn". A lesser amount is used for food products like corn tortillas, corn meal, and corn chips. (MORE)