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What is a major?

Answer . A major is a point of study. If you are majoring in Communications, then your classes focus on that subject and your degree will say Bachelors Degree of Communica (MORE)

What is a majority?

It means more than half of the original number. A majority is more than half. ( A plurality is the choice with the most votes, which can be less than half if there are more (MORE)

What are majors?

When you go to college, there are courses that everybody must take. These are called required courses. These are courses like general math, general English, some kind of socia (MORE)
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Who is the majority leader and majority whip?

House Majority Leader: Eric Cantor (R-Virginia) House Majority Whip: Kevin McCarthy (R-California) Senate Majority Leader: Harry Reid (D-Nevada) Senate Majority Whip: Di (MORE)

How do you get a major?

There are a couple of ways that you can declare an academic major when in college. You may be able to declare a major when you first apply to the college by simply checking a (MORE)