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Is there tesco in Majorca?

I'm afraid there is no Tesco in Mallorca, or Asda, sainsburys, morrisons etc. Us expats that live here would love it. There are other large supermarkets. Carrefour is a french (MORE)

How did majorca get its name?

Majorca received its name from the early Romanian settlers. They  originally called it "insula maior," which meant, "bigger island."  And from that name, they later called i (MORE)
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How large is majorca?

  Majorca is 3,640.11 square kilometers.     For more information view:

What can you do in resorts in Majorca?

It really depends on where you are staying - Mallorca (or Majorca) is such a big island there is a variety of places to visit - each with their distinct personalities. Most of (MORE)

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