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What are golf majors?

The four majors (for men's golf) are: The Masters, which is run by Augusta National Golf Club, and played in April The US Open, which is run by the USGA and is played in J (MORE)

What are the major languages?

chinese,english,hindu-urba,spanish. The 5 languages with the most speakers are: 1. English 2. Mandarin 3. Spanish 4. Hindi 5. Arabic The 5 languages with the most 1st languag (MORE)

What are a major and a minor?

Given the categories this is in, I'll assume you're referring to music. A major scale follows the progression whole step, whole step, half step, whole step, whole step, whole (MORE)

What is a majority?

  It means more than half of the original number. A majority is more than half.  ( A plurality is the choice with the most votes, which can be less than half if there are (MORE)

What are majors?

When you go to college, there are courses that everybody must take. These are called required courses. These are courses like general math, general English, some kind of socia (MORE)

Which is higher A major or C major?

Throughout the whole keyboard, there are a few sets of "A's" and "C's" and so on. If you are starting from middle C and then the A above it, obviously A is higher. If you are (MORE)

What is a major in the war?

A major is an officer that is two ranks from general. The major rank is between the captain (lower rank) and colonel (higher rank.) The major takes over if the general and col (MORE)