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What branch tries cases for federal laws?

The Federal Courts try issues dealing with violations of Federal law. They also take appeals from state courts.   There are four basic branches of the Federal Judiciary: U. (MORE)

Can federal and state courts have jurisdiction over the same case?

Yes and that happens more often than people know. Let's say you have federal and state causes of action and the federal one does not shut out the state one (some federal laws (MORE)

Where do most federal cases originate?

Most federal cases originate in the US District Courts, and most are resolved at trial or before going to trial. Only a relatively small percentage are appealed.
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How does the defendant remove case from federal court?

The defendant must file a notice of removal with the federal district court to which he is removing the case. There are specific rules (e.g., Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 8 (MORE)

Who hears cases involving federal laws?

Any court can hear the case. It depends on the severity of what  happened in the case though. If you are convicted on terrorism then  you are tried in a federal court becaus (MORE)

What is a federal question case?

A federal question case takes place when the alleged plaintiff ischarged with a violation against the United States Constitution. Itcan also a violation against federal law or (MORE)

What is a example of a federal case?

A federal case is any case about the violation of a federal law such as federal tax evasion, desertion of the US military, or international drug smuggling. Some crimes that wo (MORE)