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How much do architects make?

Answer         The median expected salary for a typical Architect in the United States is $56,637.
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Do architects make a lot of money?

During the 3 years internship after graduation intern architects can make about 35000 to 50000 a year, after gaining a license this can jump between $ 60 to $ 70 thousand as a (MORE)

How much money do architects make an hour?

Answer       I work in Best Buy's computer department and i sold a laptop to a very nice gentlemen who turned out to be an architect/civil engineer. I asked him t (MORE)
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How much do architects make per month?

Architects can make between $50,000- $84,000 dollars a year. This  equals out to be about $4,100- $6,900 per month. The pay may  increase or decrease depending on if they ar (MORE)

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