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What or where is Queensland Ireland?

Queensland, Ireland . Queensland, Ireland is that place that is sometimes quoted at the last port where the Titanic stopped to pick up passengers before departing for New Y (MORE)

When was Queensland found?

The coastline of Queensland was first discovered when James Cook  charted the eastern coast in 1770. However, at that stage, he named  it New South Wales. It did not become (MORE)

What are the major towns and cities of Queensland?

The capital of QLD is Brisbane. Other towns and cities include Cairns, Townsville, Rockhampton, Mt. Isa, Charleville, Bundaberg, Bribie Island, Coolum, Currumbin, Stradbroke I (MORE)

Why was Queensland settled?

Queensland was settled as a new penal (convict) colony. It was established when explorer John Oxley and Settlement Commandant Lieutenant Miller, together with a crew and 29 co (MORE)

Who discovered Queensland and what does Queensland mean?

Theoretically, Queensland was "discovered" when James Cook became the first European to sail up the eastern coast of Australia, doing so in 1770. However, the entire eastern h (MORE)

Why was Queensland named Queensland?

Australia was originally established as a penal colony of Great Britain. A few of the state and city names are therefore connected to members of the royal family and Great Bri (MORE)

What is the legal abbreviation of the word Queensland?

According to the University of Queensland Library, the legal abbreviation for Queensland is Qld. All the letters should not be capitalised.
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